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Re-architecture & Acquia Cloud Enterprise migration

Drupal/Acquia solution delivers security and performance for 14 websites
overview Overview
Moose Toys develop, design and distribute toy and lifestyle products to 80 countries for children of all ages and the young at heart. Moose's revenue exceeds $600 million and they are among the fastest growing toy companies in the U.S mainly due to the popularity of their Shopkins product.
Challenge The Challenge

As an innovation company Moose Toys frequently launch new brands and products. Independent ‘brand websites’ are created for each new brand and toy launch and offer users rich content including video, character profiles, wallpapers, posters, collectors guides and activities.

The brand sites were first produced by another digital agency in Drupal and although all brand websites comprise the same or very similar layout and content types the websites did not share a code base. This resulted in new brand sites needing to be duplicated from old ones, made further problematic because of issues with the original code base.

Moose Toys and Webplace were concerned about the current issues and wanted to further address the fact that the total number of brand sites would reach a point where they could not be easily maintained and that there was an opportunity to increase the performance, user experience and security of the websites.

Opportunity The Solution

To address the legacy code-base issues and streamline the management of a large number of websites long-term Webplace implemented a Drupal multi-site instance for the brand websites.

Webplace shortlisted a number of infrastructure (hosting) companies to collaborate on solutions that would offer Moose Toys security, availability and performance. Acquia’s Cloud Enterprise provided a fitting solution; fully managed, a highly available cluster of multiple web servers and database servers spanning at least two availability zones, tailored to complex Drupal applications and provided high performance and uptime.

It is now quicker and less costly to implement brand websites and we achieved the desired outcome to address ongoing management and increase performance and security.

The Result

Webplace partly rebuilt and migrated the website to Acquia Enterprise Cloud to increase performance, mitigate security risks and to secure a long term infrastructure partner suited to to the rapid growth of Shopkins. This decision also reduced the number of servers required to power the website and reduced the amount of maintenance required.

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